Group members

Group Leader

Dr. Yu Gao


Dr. Xianzhong Zheng

Hongjun Ma email: hjma AT

Dr. Yinghe Zhao email: yhzhao AT

Dr. Junzhi Wang (guest associate researcher)

Postdoctoral Researcher

2005: Junzhi Wang (now position: Associate Professor, NJU Astronomy department) email: junzhiwang AT

2008: Yinghe Zhao (now position: Assitant Researcher, PMO SFIG)

2009: Ran Wang (visit during 2009. 9 - 2010. 4)

Graduate Students

Name Email AT The year get degree
(2011) Yuxiang Gao M.S candidate
(2010) Chentao Yang M.S candidate
(2010) Fangxia An M.S candidate
(2010) Daizhong Liu M.S candidate
(2010) Qinghua Tan Ph.D candidate
(2009) Hao Chen M.S candidate
(2009) Kexin Guo M.S candidate
(2009) Zhiyu Zhang Ph.D candidate
(2008) Peiyang Li M.S undergraduate
(2008) Lijie Liu M.S candidate
(2007) Qinghua Tan M.S 2010
(2007) Zhangzheng Wen M.S candidate
(2007) Fang Wang M.S 2010
(2006) Jingbo Wang M.S 2009
(2005) Yan Sun ysun M.S 2008
(2005) Hongxin Zhang Ph.D candidate
(2005) Zhiyu Zhang M.S 2009
(2005) Fan Liu fanliu Ph.D candidate
(2004) Liyun Zhang M.S 2007

Undergraduate Students

Year Name University Thesis title
2011 Mingdong Jiang (Summer Interns ) Beijing Normal University
2011 Dezi Liu (Summer Interns) Beijing Normal University
2011 Yuxiang Gao Nanjing University
2009 Lilian Jiang (Summer Interns) Nanjing University
2009 Ran Huo (Summer Interns) University of Science and Technology of China
2009 Qun Shi (Summer Interns) Nanjing University
2009 Daizhong Liu (Summer Interns) Nanjing University Research of Star formation law in galaxies
2008 Hao Chen (Summer Interns) Nanjing University The local correlation between the dense gas and Star formation rate in M51
2008 Qi Wang (Summer Interns) Nanjing University
2008 Xia Fang (Summer Interns) Nanjing University
2006 Chen Zhang Nanjing University
2006 Yuan Wang Nanjing University
2006 Zhiyuan Zhao Nanjing University
Xingzhong Er University of Science and Technology of China
Tianyi Xu University of Science and Technology of China