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Renbin Yan University of Kentucky The Puzzle of Low Ionization Line-emitting Gas in Galaxies Jun.26, 2018 Jun.26, 2018
Jeff Wagg SKA yAn update on the Square Kilometre Array Jun.15, 2018 Jun.15, 2018y
Emanuele Daddi CEA-Saclay, France Star formation from ALMA at high redshifts: open issues May.30, 2018 May.30, 2018
Liuli Jie University of Oxford WISDOM Project – Giant Molecular Clouds in the boxy lenticular NGC4429 May.28, 2018 May.28, 2018
Alexandra Beelen Institute d'Astrophysique Spatiale New KIDs on the Sky, from NIKA to CONCERTO Mar.22 Mar.22, 2018
Mousumi Das Indian Institute of Astrophysics Star Formation in the Extended Disks of Spiral Galaxies and what it tells us about the Disk Mass Distribution Sep. 4 Sep. 4, 2017
Yang Gao Tsinghua University Cloud core dynamics and protostellar mass accretion history in star formation Aug.16, 2017 Aug.16, 2017
Zhiyu Zhang University of Edinburgh/ESO Losing sight of CO and dust in galaxies: the CMB effect, cosmic rays, and their implications for the stellar IMF Jun. 12, 2017 Jun.12, 2017
Jonathan Braine University de Bordeaux Dense gas in low metallicity environments May.31 May.31,2017
Wen-Ping Chen Taiwan National Central University Formation and Dynamical Evolution of Star Clusters Apr.28,2017 Apr.30,2017
Matin Bureau University of Oxford 3D Observations of Molecular Gas in Galaxies: From Global Dynamics to Supermassive Black Holes Apr.11,2017 Apr.11,2017
Paul van der Werf Leiden University Water emission and molecular gas outflows in (ultra)luminous infrared galaxies at low and high redshift Apr.6,2017 Apr.6,2017
Karl-Friedrich Schuster IRAM, Institut de Radioastronomie Millimetrique NOEMA,the NOrthenExtended Millimeter Array Mar.22,2017 Mar.22,2017
Chao-Wei Tsai Univerity of California The Extremely Luminous Dust-Obscured Galaxies and Beyond Dec.12,2016 Dec.12,2016
Emanuele Daddi CEA Saclay, France Observing Cluster Formation at High Redshift Nov. 8, 2016 Nov. 8, 2016
Neal Evans University of Texas at Austin What Determines Star Formation Rates? Nov. 4, 2016 Nov. 6, 2016
Satoki Matsushita ASIAA Resolving the Bright HCN(1-0) Emission at the SY 2 Nucleus of M51: Shock Enhancement by Radio Jets and Weak Masing by IR Pumping? Oct. 19, 2016 Oct. 23, 2016
Mark G. Rawlings East Asian Observatory (EAO) JCMT: An Overview Oct. 19, 2016 Oct. 23, 2016
Harriet Parsons East Asian Observatory (EAO) EAO, China and the JCMT — An Observatory Update Oct. 19, 2016 Oct. 23, 2016
Christine Wilson McMaster University New eyes on the cold universe: the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array Oct. 19, 2016 Oct. 23, 2016
Yinghe Zhao Yunnan Observatory, CAS Far-Infrared Line Observations on Local Luminous Infrared Galaxies Jul. 25, 2016 Jul. 25, 2016
Xin Wang University of California Measuring gas-phase metallicity gradients in star-forming galaxies at z=1.2~2.3 in the deepest field probed by HST spectroscopy Jun. 17, 2016 Jun. 17, 2016
Di Li NAOC, FAST Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope: Eyes to the Heaven Jun. 3, 2016 Jun. 4, 2016
Thomas R. Greve University College London Evolution of SMG overdensities around HzRGs between redshifts 4.5 and 1.5 probed with SCUBA-2 May 11,2016 May 12,2016
Alain Omont Insitut d'Astrophysique de Paris H2O and other molecules in Herschel high-z galaxies Mar.28, 2016 Mar.30, 2016
C.Kevin Xu Caltech/IPAC Dome-A THz Workshop Mar.11,2016 Mar.16,2016
Nanyao Lu Caltech/IPAC Dome-A THz Workshop Mar.11,2016 Mar.16,2016
Lin Yan Caltech/IPAC Dome-A THz Workshop Mar.11,2016 Mar.16,2016
Haojing Yan University of Missouri Columbia Dome-A THz Workshop Mar.11,2016 Mar.16,2016
Junzhi Wang Shanghai Observatory 星系中的致密分子气体同位素观测研究 Dec. 15, 2015 Dec. 16
Alain Omont Insitut d'Astrophysique de Paris Nov.2, 2015 Nov.10, 2015
Fengshan Liu Shenyang Normal Univ. Evolution in the Structural Properties fo Galaxies Over 0.5<z<3 from CANDELS June 2, 2015 June 8
Sandra Faber UCO/Lick Obs. Univ. of California Galaxy Evolution after z=2.5 with the CANDELS Survey on Hubble and the Thirty-Meter Telescope May 26, 2015 May 27
Cheng Li Shanghai Observatory Inside-out Death of Galaxies:New Insights From Ongoing IFU Surveys April 28, 2015 April 29
Wei Zheng John Hopkins Univ. Measurements of Quasar Ages April 27, 2015 April 30
Lin Yan Caltech/IPAC April 24, 2015 May 5
Junzhi Wang Shanghai Observatory Millimeter Megamasers and AGN Feedback April 9, 2015 April 12
Dr Zinnecker R. K. Hans SOFIA March 22, 2015 March 29
Frank Bertoldi Univ. Bonn March 20, 2015 March 24
Jessica Dempsey Joint Astronomy Centre, Univ. Park JCMT Capabilities and Operations; JCMT: a wide new field for Chinese astronomy Jan.25, 2015 Jan.30
Haojing Yan Univ. of Missouri Star Formation and Stellar Populations of Ultra-Luminous Infrared Galaxies at High Redshifts Jan. 23, 2015 Jan. 30
Hongxin Zhang Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophuysics, Peiking Univ. Origin of Ultra-compact Dwarfs in the Virgo Cluster Jan. 6, 2015 Jan. 12
Ali Luo NAOC, LAMOST LAMOST 巡天回顾与数据产品的使用 Nov.18, 2014 Nov.20
Jonathan Braine Observatoire de Bordeaux Star Formation and the Molecular Interstellar Medium of Messier 33 Nov. 7, 2014 Nov. 14
Jiangtao Li CEA-Saclay, France and Univ. Michigan, USA Circum-galactic Medium Around Local Spiral Galaxies--A New Window to Understand Galaxy Evolution Nov.4, 2014, Nov.6
Emanuele Daddi CEA Evolution of the Star Formation and Gas Content in Galaxies Through Cosmic Time Oct.19, 2014 Oct.27
Steven Lord The SETI Institute Airships as Stratospheric Observatories; The Conditions for Star Formation in the Antennae Galaxies:NGC 4038/9 as seen by Herschel PACs Oct.11, 2014 Nov.10
Alain Omont Insitut d'Astrophysique de Paris Oct.1, 2014 Oct.31
Alexandre Beelen Institut d'Astrophysique spatiale Sep.3, 2014 Oct.3
Jeff F. Wagg SKA From Exoplanets to Cosmic Dawn with the Square Kilometre Array Aug. 25, 2014 Aug. 29
Nanyao Lu Caltech Cold, Warm and Hot Molecular Gas in Infrared Galaxies July 16, 2014 July 31
David Chih-Yuen Koo Univ. of California March 28, 2014 March 29
Sandra M. Faber UCO/Lick Obs. Univ. of California March 28, 2014 March 29
Sebastien Foucaud Shanghai Jiaotong Univ. Evolution of the Dark Matter and Stellar Mass Assembly Through Cosmic Time Jan. 9, 2014 Jan. 14
Jingwen Wu Univ. of California WISE Hot DOGs: The most Luminous Galaxies in the Universe Sep. 22, 2013 Sep. 24
Alian Omont Institut Astrophysique de Paris H2O Emission in Herschel High-z sub-millimetre Galaxies —A New Diagnosis of Their Molecular Gas Aug.25, 2013 Sep. 21
Nanyao Lu Caltech Quantifying the Heating Sources for Mid-IR Dust Emissions in Galaxies July 31, 2013 Aug. 8
Kevin C. Xu Caltech July 10, 2013 July 13
Willem Baan Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy The ISM of ULIRGs, Starbursts and the Galaxy: masers and moleculaes June 25, 2013 June 30
Christian J. Henkel Max-Planck-Institut Fur Radioastronomie New Masers, Physical Constants, Densities and Temperatures: From Effelsberg to ALMA June 15, 2013 June 30
Thomas R. Greve May 29, 2013 June 30
Xiaoying Xu April.2, 2013 April.8
Hao Yang Institute of Astrophyics, Central China Normal University Magnetic Fields of Young Stars Jan. 9, 2013 Jan. 12
Xinwen Shu Univ. of Science and Technology of China Census of high-redshift star-forming galaxies in cluster fields Dec. 24, 2012 Dec. 27
Yewei Mao Univ. of Science and Technology of China Effects of Stellar Population and Dust Attenuation on UV and IR Observational Properties of Galaxies Dec.6, 2012 Dec.9
Zhiyuan Li Univ. of California, Los Angeles Feeding and feedback of super-massive black holes: inflows and outflows in the two nearest galactic nuclei Oct. 28, 2012 Oct. 31
Marin Bureau University of Oxford, Nagoya University Molecular gas and star formation in early-type galaxies; The Tully-Fisher Relation: Across Morphological Types and Redshifts Sep. 2, 2012 Sep. 8
Rosie Chen Max-Planck-Institut fur Radioastronomie Resolved Schmidt-Kennicutt Relation on Star Forming Regions in the Galaxy and Magellanic Clouds Sep. 2, 2012 Sep. 5
Padelis P. Papadopoulos Max-Planck-Institut fur Radioastronomie CO Lines as H2 Mass Estimators, Energy Source and SF Mode Indicators Aug. 28, 2012 Sep. 2
Lingyu Wang Univ. of SUSSEX Aug.30, 2012 Sep. 1
Alain Omont Insitut d'Astrophysique de Paris Aug.25, 2012 Sep. 22
Ran Wang Arizona University Studying Quasar-host Galaxy Evolution at Redshift 6 with Large Millimeter and Radio Interferometer Arrays Aug. 15, 2012 Aug.19
Lin Yan Caltech/IPAC July 25, 2012 July 27
Andrew Gould Ohio State University Microlensing Planets: Acontrolled Scientific Experiment Drawn From Absolute Chaos June 24, 2012 June 25
Daniela Calzetti University of Massachusetts Star Formation Scaling Law: What Works and What Does Not? June 1, 2012 June 2
Yong Shi Caltech May.28, 2012 June 5
Gregory Herczeg KIAA/PKU Herschel's view of low-mass star formation April 22, 2012 April 26
Di Li NAOC Building a Paradigm of Star Formation April 22, 2012 April 24
Sophia Dai CfA/Harvard SEDs of dust rich quasars at z < 3 Feb.9, 2012 Feb. 11
Jing Wang Univ. of Science and Technology of China 近邻宇宙中的气体和星系演化 Dec. 8, 2011 Dec. 8
Guanwen Fang Univ. of Science and Technology of China Mid-infrared Spectroscopy and Multi-wavelength Study of Ultra-luminous Star-forming Galaxies at Redshift z~2 Dec.8, 2011 Dec. 8
Peter Anders Peking Univ.KIAA Modelling Stellar Clusters, Specific Difficulties and Advances Nov. 11, 2011 Nov. 15
Stijn Wuyts Max-Planck-Institut fur Extraterrestrische Physik A galaxy's life on and off the main sequence of star formation Nov. 2, 2011 Nov. 3
Alain Omont Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris Strongly lensed high redshift galaxies identified in Herschel wide surveys. Prospects for ALMA observations Oct. 8, 2011 Nov. 5
Steve Lord NASA Herschel Science Center Recent Results from the GOALS Survey Oct. 8, 2011 Oct. 9
Jian Ge University of Florida June 1, 2011 June 2
Lin Yan IPAC CALTECH Jun.14, 2011 July 7
Wei Zheng John Hopkins University Search for young galaxies at redshif z>7 May 10, 2011 May 12
Thomas Greve University of Copenhagen, Denmak May 8, 2011 May 24
Nanyao Lu California Institute of Technology April 2, 2011 April 14
Xiangxiang Xue NAOC Mapping the Milky Way's Dark Matter and Stellar Halo March 30, 2011 April 2
Xiaohui Fan Steward Observatory, The university of Arizona Feb 15, 2011 Feb 20
Thomas Greve University of Copenhagen, Denmak Submillimetre Galaxies at z > 4 Nov. 23, 2010 Dec. 6
Vassilis Charmandaris University of Crete, Greece Mid-infrared Properties of Seyfert Galaxies: the IRAS 12um Sample (NJU); Infrared Properties of Interacting Galaxies:from Spirals to ULIRGs (PMO) Oct. 18, 2010 Oct. 30
Lin Yan Spitzer Science Center Hangzhou Conference May 26, 2010 June 4
Jiasheng Huang Smithsonian CfA, Harvard Univ. Hangzhou Conference May 29, 2010 June 4
Xiaohui Fan Univ. of Arizona Hangzhou Conference May 16, 2010 June 15
Priya Natarajan Yale Univ. Hangzhou Conference May 30, 2010 June 8
Rogier Windhorst Univ. of Arizona Hangzhou Conference May 29, 2010 June 5
Karl Menten Max-Planck-Institut fuer Radioastronomie Ultrahigh Energy Gamma Ray and Submillimeter Astronomy - an Unlikely Close Relationship May 28, 2010 June 11
Wing Yan Vivian U CfA / University of Hawaii Local Luminous Infrared Galaxies: SEDs and Energetics May 4, 2010 May 7
Chunhua Qi CfA, USA 1. An SMA View of Chemistry in Circumstellar Disks; 2. The Submillimeter Array: Current Status March 22, 2010 March 23
Thomas R. Greve Univ. of Copenhagen, Denmak The 870micron LABOCA Survey of the Extended Chandra Deep Field South; NJU: The ISM, ALMA & Herschel -Star Formation & Inter Stellar Medium (ISM) Evolution Across Cosmic Time March 18, 2010 April 9
Thijs Kouwenhoven Kavli Instit. for Astro and Astrophysics, Peking Univ. The primordial binary population in young star clusters March 19, 2010 March 28
Caina Hao TJNU Composite Star Formation Rate Indicators March 4, 2010 March
Hong Wu BAOC The MIR Properties of Galaxies based on the Spitzer Released Data March 4, 2010 March
Hai Fu IPAC Feb. 5, 2010 Feb. 12
Juergen Ott National Radio Astronomy Observatory, USA Bridging Local and Global Scales: Molecular Cloud and Star Formation in the Magellanic Clouds Oct. 25, 2009 Oct. 28
Jesus Martin-Pintado Instituto de Estructura de la Materia, Spain Chemical complexity as a tracer of nuclear activity Oct. 25, 2009 Oct. 26
C. Kevin Xu IPAC, CALTECH, USA Spatial Density and Star Formation Activity fo z=0 Interacting Galaxies in K-Band Selected Major-Merger Pairs Sep. 27, 2009 Sep. 30
Francois Hammer Laboratirs Galaxies Etoiles Physique et Instrumentation, Observatoirs de Paris The formation of the disk in grand-design spirals July 16, 2009 July 18
Fukun Liu Peking University Supermassive black hole binaries and their observational signatures July 14, 2009 July 15
Thomas Rodriguez Greve MPIA, Heidelberg The first billion years of galaxy formation and evolution -- from the epoch of reionization to z = 4 April 2, 2009 April 16
Ji Li MIT Kavli Institute for Astrophysics & Space Research Non-equilibrium Ionization Code and Its Applications March 9, 2009 April 3
Hai Fu Institute for Astronomy, Hawaii University, USA Collaboration on spectroscopic studies of nearby galaxies and AGN Nov. 6, 2008 Nov. 26
David Elbaz CEA Saclay/Service d'Astrophysique A new insight on galaxy formation from infrared surveys Nov. 3, 2008 Nov. 4
Alain Omont Insitut d'Astrophysique de Paris Starburst and AGN tracers in z~2 ULIRGs: continuum & CO mm emission, radio and PAH Oct. 23, 2008 Oct. 25
Xiaohu Yang Shanghai Obs. 暗晕模型和暗晕占据数模型 Set. 6, 2008 Set. 9
Ran Wang Peking University Dust and molecular gas in the most distant quasars Aug. 14, 2008 Aug. 22
Mike Dopita The Australian National University The Wide Field Spectrograph (WiFeS) Aug.7, 2008 Aug.13
Yanling Wu Cornell Univ., USA Spitzer Mid-Infrared Observations of Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies July 24, 2008 July 25
Xiaohui Fan Steward Obs., The Univ. of Arizona The New Generation of Large Telescopes: LBT and GMT July 22, 2008 July 25
Haojing Yan Carnegic Observatories Exploring the High-z Frontier---Galaxies at z~6 and beyond July 13, 2008 July 15
Lin Yan Spitzer Science Center, California Institute of Technology Infrared Luminous Galaxies at high redshifts: spitzer mid-infrared spectroscopy Jun. 30, 2008 July 1
Leslie J Sage University of Maryland How to publish a paper in Nature Jun. 19, 2008 Jun. 25
Jim Condon National Radio Astronomy Observatory, USA Dark Energy and the Hubble Constant Apr. 27, 2008 Apr. 28
Zhong Wang Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Explore star Formation Scenario in the Outer Disk of Galaxies March 30, 2008 April 3th, 2008
Luis C. Ho The Obs. of the Carnegie Institution of Washington, USA Connection Between Starbursts and AGNs Feb. 25, 2008 Feb. 26
Q. Daniel Wang Astron. Dept., Univ. of Massachusetts Stellar feedback and galaxy evolution Jan. 15, 2008 Jan. 24
Alain Omont Insitut d'Astrophysique de Paris Millimeter observations of z~2 ULIRGs detected by Spitzer Submillimeter Galaxies (SMGs) from Spitzer to Herschel Jan. 20, 2008 Jan. 21
Yong Shi University of Arizona Star formation in AGN host galaxies Jan. 4th, 2008 Jan. 7th
Crystal Martin Dept. of Physics, Univ. of California at Santa Barbara Feedback from Supernovae Sep. 24, 2007 Sep. 26
David B. Sanders Institute for Astronomy, Univ. of Hawaii The Spitzer-COSMOS Survey of the Infrared Universe: The Cosmic Evolution of Superstarbursts and Massive Black Holes Aug.28, 2007 Aug. 29
Steven Lord NASA Herschel Science Center, California Institute of Technology (not official) Two New Missions for Infrared and Subnillimeter Astronomy: Herschel and SOFIA Aug.12, 2007 Aug.14
Phil Appleton NASA Herschel Science Center, California Institute of Technology (not official) The Reality of Molecular Hydrogen Emitting Galaxies (MOHEGs) and the Prospect of Detecting Primordial Molecular Clouds in the Far-IR Aug.12, 2007 Aug.14
Nanyao Lu California Institute of Technology A Review of Near- to Mid- Infrared Dust Emission in Star-Forming Galaxies Jul., 2007 Aug.
Xi Kang Max-Planck Institute for Astronomy in Heidelberg,Germany Review on Semi-Analytical Models of Galaxy Formation Jun. 15, 2007
Xiaohui Fan Dept. of Astronomy, Univ. of Arizona; Steward Observatory Probing the End of Cosmic Dark Ages with High-redshift Quasars May 26, 2007 May 28
Yuefang Wu Peking Univ. Star formation studies-What can we learn with CO? May 14, 2007 May 15
C. Kevin Xu IPAC, Caltech Local Benchmarks for Evolution of Major-Merger Galaxies — A K-band Selected Sample Feb. 6th, 2007 Feb. 7th
Lei Hao Cornell University Insights on AGNs from the SDSS and Spitzer spectra Nov.5th, 2006 Nov.7th
Juntai Shen The University of Texas at Austin Galactic bars: an important driver on galaxy evolution Nov.5th, 2006 Nov.7th
Ming Zhu James Clerk Maxwell Telescope Large Sky Submillimeter Surveys with the JCMT Jun.14, 2006
Xianzhong Zheng Max Planck Institute for Astronomy UV to MIR SEDs of galaxies and their evolution Jun.16, 2006
Q. Daniel Wang Astron. Dept., Univ. of Massachusetts The Intrahalo Medium: The interstellar/intergalctic interface Jul. 4, 2006
Nanyao Lv Caltech, USA Star Formation and PAH Emission Bands in Galaxies Aug. 26, 2005
C. Kevin Xu IPAC, Caltech Stephan's Quintet: A multi-galaxies collision Aug. 25, 2005
Robert Kennicutt Univ. fo Arizona (USA) and Univ. of Cambridge (UK) Nearby Galaxies as Revealed by the Spitzer Space Telescope Aug. 24, 2005
Jiasheng Huang Smithsonian CfA,Harvard Univ. Galaxy Population in the Spitzer IR Selected Sample Jul.12, 2005
Q. Daniel Wang Astron. Dept., Univ. of Massachusetts Ultraluminous X-ray Sources Dec.21, 2004 Dec.23