Starformation of Galaxy Visitors

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Visitor unit Topic Start End
Luis C. Ho The Obs. of the Carnegie Institution of Washington, USA Connection Between Starbursts and AGNs Feb. 25, 2008 Feb. 26
Qingdaniel Wang Astron. Dept., Univ. of Massachusetts Stellar feedback and galaxy evolution Jan. 15, 2008 Jan. 24
Alain Omont Insitut d'Astrophysique de Paris Millimeter observations of z~2 ULIRGs detected by Spitzer Submillimeter Galaxies (SMGs) from Spitzer to Herschel Jan. 20, 2008 Jan. 21
Yong Shi University of Arizona Star formation in AGN host galaxies Jan. 4th, 2008 Jan. 7th
Crystal Martin Dept. of Physics, Univ. of California Feedback from Supernovae Sep. 24, 2007 Sep. 26
David B. Sanders Institute for Astronomy, Univ. of Hawaii The Spitzer-COSMOS Survey of the Infrared Universe: The Cosmic Evolution of Superstarbursts and Massive Black Holes Agu.28, 2007 Agu 29
Steven Lord NASA Herschel Science Center, California Institute of Technology (not official) Two New Missions for Infrared and Subnillimeter Astronomy: Herschel and SOFIA Agu.12, 2007 Agu.14
Phil Appleton NASA Herschel Science Center, California Institute of Technology (not official) The Reality of Molecular Hydrogen Emitting Galaxies (MOHEGs) and the Prospect of Detecting Primordial Molecular Clouds in the Far-IR Agu.12, 2007 Agu.14
Nanyao Lv California Institute of Technology A Review of Near- to Mid- Infrared Dust Emission in Star-Forming Galaxies Jul., 2007 Agu.
Xi Kang Max-Planck Institute for Astronomy in Heidelberg,Germany Review on Semi-Analytical Models of Galaxy Formation Jun. 15, 2007
Xiaohui Fan Dept. of Astronomy, Univ. of Arizona; Steward Observatory Probing the End of Cosmic Dark Ages with High-redshift Quasars May 26, 2007 May 28
Yuefang Wu Peking Univ. Star formation studies-What can we learn with CO? May 14, 2007 May 15
C. Kevin Xu IPAC, Caltech Local Benchmarks for Evolution of Major-Merger Galaxies —- A K-band Selected Sample Feb. 6th, 2007 Feb. 7th
Lei Hao Cornell University Insights on AGNs from the SDSS and Spitzer spectra Nov.5th, 2006 Nov.7th
Juntai Shen The University of Texas at Austin Galactic bars: an important driver on galaxy evolution Nov.5th, 2006 Nov.7th
Ming Zhu James Clerk Maxwell Telescope Large Sky Submillimeter Surveys with the JCMT Jun.14, 2006
Xianzhong Zheng Max Planck Institute for Astronomy UV to MIR SEDs of galaxies and their evolution Jun.16, 2006
Qingdaniel Wang Astron. Dept., Univ. of Massachusetts 2006
Jiasheng Huang Smithsonian CfA,Harvard Univ. Galaxy Population in the Spitzer IR Selected Sample Jul.12, 2005
Qingdaniel Wang Astron. Dept., Univ. of Massachusetts Ultraluminous X-ray Sources Dec.21, 2004 Dec.23