Research interests and achievements:

Nature of luminous infrafed galaxie, starburst galxies,merging and interacting galaxies, and AGNs/QSOs; Radio,millimeter,submillimeter, far-infrared and mid-infrafed spectral line/continuum imaging/observations: High redshift star forming galaxies;Evolution of galaxie and large scale distribution galaxies.

Research Activity & Experience

Current & Recent Research:

BIMA CO imaging of luminous infrared galaxies (LIGs) in a merger se􏰅 quence (BIMA Key Project, more than 15 galaxy systems, PI)

VLA HI and continuum imaging of merging LIGs (PI)

HCN observations of LIGs in a merger sequence (PI)

ISO mid-IR, ISOPHOT, and Ha observations of mergers and LIGs

BIMA CO observations of high-redshift (z>2) galaxies (PI)

Intragroup star forming gas/dust in compact groups (PI)

CO detections of 'superthin' low surface brightness (LSB) galaxies

Multi-transition CO line imaging in the Antennae galaxies

Dust, gas and starburst along a merger sequence (SCUBA, PI)

Ph.D. Thesis & Other Prior Research:

HCN survey in > 50 CO/IR bright or luminous infrared galaxies (LIGs)

Merging progress of LIGs traced by CO observations

High resolution CO interferometry in 2 spectacular LIGs

Nature, environment and large scale clustering of LIGs

QSOs emission line redshift distribution: cosmological implications

Large scale distribution and clustering of clusters of galaxies

Cosmic strings, large scale structure, and the orientation of galaxies

Cross-correlation determination of the rotation speed of the cool stars

Observations, Talks, & Computers:

Users/Observers of BIMA, VLA, IRAM 30m, IRAM Plateau de Bure Inter- ferometer, NRAO 12m, FCRAO 14m, OVRO mm Array, JCMT (also proposal referee), ISO, & Palomar.

Users of MIRIAD, CLASS/GILDAS, UniPOPS, SPA, AIPS, IRAF & CIA/PIA (ISO); Fortran, IDL and C-shell programming; LaTex/Tex, HTML; Installation of software packages.

Talks/colloquia at UC Berkeley, U. Illinois, Beijing Astro. Obs., Shanghai Astro. Obs., & Peking U. (China), National Central U. & Academia Sinica IAA (Taiwan), U. Toronto. NRAO Tucson & Charlottesville, IPAC, & Caltech as well as in many meetings.

BIMA electronic proposal system manager (1996-98): Maintain/update the automatic electronic proposal system; process/archive the proposals; update the latex proposal form and the style file; release the call for proposals on BIMA webpage.