2016 MALATANG meeting


Time: Oct 19th to 21th, 2016

Venue: Purple Mountain Observatory (2 West Beijing Road, Nanjing) 



We invite you to attend our first face-to-face MALATANG team meeting on Oct. 19-21 in Nanjing.   Team members are highly encouraged to join the meeting, to discuss survey status, data reduction and evaluation, data analysis, future observations, and all the potential scientific projects. 

Please fill in this doodle page to indicate your interest in attending the meeting: http://doodle.com/poll/duudphqvdiidq668

If one needs an invitation letter for VISA application, please contact the LOC as soon as possible!

If one needs assistance in booking train/fight tickets, and making hotel reservation, please don't hesitate to contact the LOC, and we are happy to help!

Note that prior to the MALATANG meeting, the JINGLE meeting will be held on Oct 16-18 in Shanghai, including a JCMT data reduction workshop on Oct 16: 


MALATANG and JINGLE share some common/related subjects and overlap members, so you may consider attending both! More detail will come later, and please feel free to send any questions and suggestions.  


see this link for detail program of the meeting:



It only takes less than 2 hours from Shanghai to Nanjing by high speed trains

train schedule: http://english.ctrip.com/trains/#ctm_ref=nb_tn_top

If you arrive Nanjing by train:

From Nanjing Station or Nanjing South Station: 

option 1: Metro Line 1, to Gulou Station. 

option 2: Taxi. it costs 20 RMB (from Nanjing Station) or 40 RMB (from Nanjing South Station) 

If you arrive Nanjing by plane:

From Lukou Airport: 

Take Metro Line S1 then Line 1 to Gulou station. 

option 1: Metro Line S1, then Line 1, to Gulou Station. 

option 2: Taxi. it costs about 150 RMB. 


There are several hotels near PMO, costing 300 -- 500 RMB per night. 

Please contact Hongjun Ma (hjma at pmo.ac.cn) to make a reservation. 


Yu Gao (PMO) 

Thomas Greve (UCL) 

Zhiyu Zhang (ESO) 

Satoki Matsushita (ASIAA) 

Aeree Chung (Yonsei U.) 

Erik Rosolowsky (U. Alberta) 

Kotaro Khono (U. Tokyo) 


Purple Mountain Observatory 

Hongjun Ma (hjma at pmo.ac.cn) 

Xuejian Jiang (xjjiang at pmo.ac.cn) 

Qinghua Tan (qhtan at pmo.ac.cn)