2017 star formation and star clusters

Time: April 26 to 30, 2017

Venue: Purple Mountain Observatory (2 West Beijing Road, Nanjing)


Stellar clusters have been long recognized as important laboratories for astrophysical research. Their study has played an important role in developing an understanding of the universe. The goal of the workshop is to have a small group of observers and theorists of both sides of the Strait on the studies of star formation and star clusters meeting together to have open, free and critical discussions about what are the most crucial questions in the area of star formation, star clusters formation and evolution, especially the cooperation among the research groups across the Taiwan Strait.


see this link for detail program of the meeting:



It only takes less than 2 hours from Shanghai to Nanjing by high-speed trains

The train schedule

If you arrive Nanjing by train:

From Nanjing Station or Nanjing South Station:

Option 1: Metro Line 1, to Gulou Station.

Option 2: Taxi. It costs ~20 RMB (from Nanjing Station) or ~40 RMB (from Nanjing South Station)

If you arrive Nanjing by plane:

From Lukou Airport:

Option 1: Metro Line S1, then Line 1, to Gulou Station.

Option 2: Taxi. It costs about 150 RMB.


There are several hotels nearby PMO (within 10mins walking), costing 300 -- 500 RMB per night including breakfasts.

Please contact Hongjun Ma (hjma at pmo.ac.cn) to make a reservation.

SOC chairs

Yu Gao (PMO)

Wen-Ping Chen (NCU)


Purple Mountain Observatory

Hongjun Ma (hjma at pmo.ac.cn)